• 152 mm  3 wick church candle
    • 8 inches tall
    • 25% beeswax blend making a slower burning candle
    • Big, Large, Extra large, Huge, Massive and giant 3 wick candles
    • Long burning and drip free when you follow the instructions
    • Handmade here in Cornwall and not mass produced overseas
    The first couple or so burnings the candle will form three wells as the candle burns down. This is normal and the centre will eventually melt and form one large well. Once the candle has been burning for a few hours and it gets to close to the edge and looks like it might leak and drip, put the candle out for 15 minutes then relight.

    Before you light the candle trim the wicks to half a cm and then light them, do this every time before you light the wicks. Once an hour check to make sure that flames are not to big, if they are trim them a little bit at a time. This will stop any smoking and ensure a even burn and they will last longer.

    Burn the candles in a draught free position, away from windows, doors, fans ETC otherwise a draught can make a candle smoke and burn unevenly. Our paraffin wax is fully refined and food grade and very clean burning but like soy or beeswax will still smoke if it is a draught or the wick is to big.

    Condition: New
    Weight: 2kg