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Light Up your Party – Citronella Garden Candles, Fantastic Flares

Imagine your garden party filled with the laughter of your friends and family while being lit by a mass of glowing garden candles. Plant the tallest torches in between trees, or in the middle of flower beds to really bring your garden to life after dark.

Citronella candles will not only keep mosquitoes away, they will fill the air with a fantastic scent too.

We offer a huge range of multi-coloured citronella and unscented outdoor candles available to order online today!

Illuminate your Decking – Garden Pillar Candles Natural Glow

Large garden candles are perfect to use on your decking, patio or indeed anywhere outdoors like driveways or pathways. Unlike the dull beam and flat light given out by solar powered garden lights or electrical flood lights, natural candles throw flickering interesting shadows and light over your lawns and trees. If you’re planning a summer barbecue or similar event, why not include the subtle and natural glow of giant garden candles to make the atmosphere relaxing and beautiful

No matter which of our garden candles you choose they will transform your garden at night with the flickering flame throwing light and shadows around enhancing the party mood. Our large garden church candles will last a long time so you will have many evenings in the garden from one candle.