Garden candles and garden flares can be used in many ways to create stunning lighting effects for your party, wedding or outdoor event.  A driveway or pathway lined with garden flares will always make a dramatic entrance to your party or event.

Our giant 36 inch tall 6 inch wide garden pillar candles look amazing when used on a terrace or patio. Candle flares can be used as the main lighting or used as a backdrop for you to use lanterns, tea lights and other garden candles.

Imagine your party filled with the laughter of your friends and family while being lit by a mass of glowing garden candles. Plant the tallest candle flares in between trees, or in the middle of flower beds to really bring your garden to life after dark.

Citronella garden candles will not only keep mosquitoes away, they will fill the air with a fantastic scent too.

We offer a huge range of multi-coloured citronella and unscented outdoor candles available to order online today!